Most of us have been ingrained with the wisdom of avoiding potholes during our driving ventures. It likely ranked among the initial lessons we imbibed while learning the art of driving. While most of us are aware that driving over potholes’ spells trouble for our vehicles, only a few comprehend the true impact potholes can have on your car.

Impact On Your Car

If you accidentally encounter a pothole, here are the components of your car you should be worried about:

Steering System
The act of colliding with a pothole can potentially lead to a misalignment of your steering system. Should you notice your vehicle veering left or right when you are trying to steer straight ahead, a skewed steering system could be the culprit. Other indicators include uneven tire wear, squealing tires, or a crooked steering wheel while driving straight.

Potholes damage your tires by creating punctures, bulges along the sidewalls, and excessive wear. Should you identify any tire impairments after a brush with a pothole, have it checked by our tire experts at Pepper’s Lemont Auto Care to avoid a blowout.

Wheel Rims
Many vehicles are outfitted with aluminum-based wheel rims, which are vulnerable to deformation in the event of a vigorous collision with a pothole. Bent or dented rims pose adverse repercussions for your vehicle; hence, a meticulous inspection of your rims is recommended after encountering a particularly bad pothole.

Undercarriage & Exhaust
Surprisingly, a pothole encounter possesses the potential to puncture the components beneath your vehicle or even damage the exhaust system. If you experience strange sounds coming from the exhaust or unanticipated fluid leakage after hitting a pothole let our team of experts do a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to see what the issue is.

Suspension System
Arguably the most frequently cited casualty of pothole interactions is the suspension system of your vehicle. Potholes can inflict damage to and even fracture components of your vehicle’s suspension system. Even a solitary forceful impact has the potential to break a spring or shock absorber.

Tips To Navigate Potholes

Potholes can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Here are some tips to mitigate the potential damage triggered by potholes:

  • Decelerate your speed.
  • Refrain from applying brakes while traversing a pothole (as this might exacerbate the damage).
  • Ensure proper tire inflation.

Adhering to these recommendations might ideally shield you from incurring a substantial bill for repairs. If you think your car has been damaged from colliding with a pothole request your appointment with our experts today.